Customer Service or Billing Issues

The quickest way to resolve any billing issue is to contact SegPay's customer service department, before your bank or card company. We are available 24/7 to assist you. Self-Service Website https://cs.segpay.com Email help@segpay.com Chat https://chat.segpay.com Toll-Free Phone +1 866-450-4000 Direct Phone: +1 954-414-1610 Charges will appear on your credit card statement as Rascal Video-SEGPAY.COM*C1R For General Customer Service, Please email: customerservice@c1r.com

Where are all the videos?

As you may have noticed, we have updated our site, and the entire library of over 2000 videos have been added, and are currently in queue processing. There will be many new videos released each day.

I cannot login, can you help?

We have corrected the login issue. You can now log in using your previous USERNAME and Password. Please contact customerservice@c1r.com if you are still having issues.

Why do some videos not play?

We are aware of some videos that are not working. Please feel free to send any titles that you notice to customerservice@c1r.com We will reprocess them, and have them available as soon as possible.

Why am I receiving "Token Mismatch" when attempting to log in?

We are aware of the glitch and are trying to get it corrected. It happens when you have been logged out automatically from inactivity and attempt to log back in. The fix for this is refreshing your browser before you re-attempt to log in. I hope this helps.

I am a Dirk Yates member, why am I being re-directed to C1R?

In an order to manage our library more easily, and get all of our content online, we have merged the 2 websites into one. If you were a previous Dirk Yates member, you have been transferred over to the new site. You will have access to our entire library from All Worlds Video, Catalina, Rascal, William Higgins, and Dirk Yates.

What happened to my credits I had purchased on Dirk Yates?

If you had any amount of credits on Dirk Yates, you have been given a 2 month complimentary membership. At which time, you would need to purchase a new monthly membership in order to watch videos.

I had a yearly or monthly membership on Dirk Yates, what happens now?

When we merged the sites, all of your current billing was stopped with CC Bill. Your account has been set with the proper expiry date, +1 additional complimentary month. When your current membership with CC Bill expires, you will need to re-purchase a monthly or yearly membership with our new credit card processor, Segpay.

Videos are playing slow or lagging , what can I do?

There is a gear icon on the lower right hand corner of the video player. You have the option to play the original HD quality videos, or 720p and 480p for slower internet connections.